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Post by Jet on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:30 am

Want to be our partner? You MUST feel out this application and we will approve you to be our partner! Please read down below the partnership rules before you apply to be our partner. We will gladly help send a message to the admins, and we will get to you, as soon as possible!

CausingTrouble allows re-translation of current/finished projects to languages different than English under two conditions, that should be taken as rules of the team;

Credits to CausingTrouble Translation Team should be given on the page, where the re-scanlated project will be published;

In case our scans are used as well, do keep the logo of the group on them;

We are open for partnership with re-scanlating groups, that wish to be an official partner of CausingTrouble Translation Team. However, a few things should be kept in mind;

When a group wants to be our official re-translating partner (which basically means the group can use any project CausingTrouble Translation Team is releasing/has released), they have to promote CausingTrouble Translation Team on their site/blog and in return, we'll promote them back;

When they use our translation, the rules above (about re-translating a project) are kept unchanged;
In case you desire to be an official partner, message CausingTrouble's administrator, Jet.

Thank you for the support!
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